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Nanopillar Photovoltaics: Facilities

The Nano Materials and Electronics Laboratory

The Nano Materials and Electronics Laboratory directed by Prof. Ali Javey is equipped with state-of-the art nanomaterials synthesis and characterization tools. There are three dedicated CVD systems for gas phase synthesis of IV and III-V compound nanowires using the VLS process.

In addition, there is an electrochemical setup for solution phase synthesis of various nanomaterials. The lab also has a custom built atomic layer deposition system for conformal deposition of various thin film layers with nm accuracy. The lab also consists of various wet-lab capabilities for conducting surface chemistry of nanomaterials, including three 6' chemical fume hoods, one laminar flow fume hood, and one 5' glove box with <0.5ppm of O_2 and H_2 O impurities in an N_2 environment.

In addition, the lab is equipped with various NW electrical measurement and characterization facilities, including an RF, cryogenic probe station and solar cell simulator for measuring the conversion efficiency of solar cell modules.