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You are probably reading this, sitting in a room, illuminated by several conventional lights which are all consuming an abundant amount of energy - with the sun glaring outside! Our plan is to bring the free sunlight from outside, inside! Using our solar concentration technology we can direct daylight into buildings.

Our approach first concentrates the sunlight, then coveys the light in optical light pipes. This mitigates the problems associated with skylights and other types of large openings in buildings. This light is also both cool and safe by removing the infrared and UV rays.  A 1’’ diameter light pipe is equivalent to a 100 watt light bulb. Our system would allow for an array of 100 of these light pipes on a single tracker.

This provides us with a comfortable and harmonious-soft natural daylight-which, studies and research have shown, helps improve the general health, reduces depression and enhances the efficiency of the work environment.