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Interconnecting Micro/Nano Pillar And Walls Transferred Via Shear-Fracturing

Available for licensing are patent rights in a method designed to interconnect micro or nano pillars and walls that have been transferred from a substrate using the shear-fracturing method. The method is useful where electrical contacts are desired, e.g., in solar cells and batteries. The method works in conjunction with the patent pending wall transfer method described in 2008-584 to create electrical contacts on fracture-transferred microstructures.
Researchers at the University of California have designed a method for fabricating electrical contacts on a single substrate based on the shear-fracture transfer process. These electrical contacts are particularly well suited for use in optoelectronic, photovoltaic and storage battery devices. The electrical contacts can also be aligned in particular configurations so as to make them highly transparent for photons.

Suggested Uses

The method has a myriad of potential uses, including creating:
  • Photovoltaic solar cells
  • Batteries
  • Structures with variable optical absorption levels
  • Devices wherein electrical contacts need to be in place over a large array of microstructures.



This method has several key features that make it an excellent fabrication technique:
  • Allows for structures to be oriented to ensure maximum optical absorption
  • Electrical contacts can be arranged so as to allow for high transparency for photons
  • Works in conjunction with the patent pending wall transfer method described in 2008-584 to provide electrical contacts on fracture-transferred microstructures. 
Tech ID: 22823 / UC Case 2011-869-0