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We hope you enjoy these photos of the 2013 UC Solar Symposium.

UC Merced graduate students Bennett Widyolar (left) and Melissa Ricketts man the reception desk at the Buehler Alumni and Visitors Center at UC Davis.


UC Solar Director Roland Winston opens the festivities.


Professor Winston and opening keynote speaker Larry Kazmerski of NREL share a laugh, as well as a passion for “Kaz” ties.


Larry Kazmerski brought visual aids, including the first solar-powered satellite. And yes, the solar cells still work.


Larry asks the crowd if anyone remembers the transistor radio? Many hands go up. Some do not.


With this handy chart, you too can Name your own PV company! “SolVoltPowerNano” anyone?


UC Berkeley’s Connie Chang-Hasnain, always in top form, addresses the crowd on the topic of micropillar solar cells.


“What’s with the party hats?” asks Ron Durbin while facilitating Connie’s Q&A time.


Photographic evidence that graduate student research posters actually do make people happy.


The poster session is always a symposium highlight, and it never seems to last long enough.


When the USDA’s Rebecca Milczarek speaks…


… the audience listens.


UC Davis’ Adam Moule discusses challenges in organic photovoltaic technology.


Sadrul Ula describes the work going on at the Winston Chung Global Energy Center at UC Riverside.


Frank de Winter (standing in foreground) adds to the discussion during Sadrul’s Q&A.


UCSD’s Deli Wang sees hydrogen in our future, and he knows how to get it.


Deli took the dreaded post-lunch speaker slot and he nailed it.


The CPUC’s Ed Randolph talked about how market innovations are promoting policy innovations.


UC Merced’s Gerardo Diaz is working on next-generation solar thermal technologies for hot water and industrial process heat.


CEC Chair Robert Weisenmiller outlines a few of the many successful projects supported by the state’s Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program.


Chair Weisenmiller closes out the symposium by answering a number of audience questions.